Wednesday, 17 March 2010

oh well..

hope :-)
hope is all i have..
at least i thought so..
so its been my 2nd day on SSRI.. been alright.. at least for now.. havent got any of the SE.. im a bit worried abt nausea and dry mouth though.. cause im not really a breakfast person..
a new chapter in my life eh?
but like mr tupac wise word.. life goes on :-)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Today's Chant

Dear life.. give me some strength to finish up 3 notes on cancer and read up on cardio today :-)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sleepless night

well.. i couldnt sleep last night.. tried almost everything.. none worked.. hmm.. got a new idea today.. a chant for a day.. todays chant is:

dear life, grant me some strength and some concentration so that i can get through today (clinics and teaching)!

Saturday, 3 October 2009


i know its been a while since i last update my blog.. will do soon.. been occupied with psyc patients hehe.. till then :-)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Weekend in Newbury

The Opera :-) I really liked it! and people were picnicking before it starts as well :-)

Hehe :-)

Ian me and Lesley at Stonehendge

Its weird ennit? no one really knows why.. hehe

Lesley and Ian at Stonehendge

View from the church.. Newbury :-)

view from the church tower

St Nicholas Church

Me and Ian by the swinging bridge

Swinging bridge.. It swings to allow canal boat to pass through :-)

Lock Stock and Barrel.. LOL

Hmm.. At last after being here for 5 years plus, I finally joined the HOST UK program in an attempt to spend my weekend exploring UK.. My first trip was to Newbury.. I was there from Friday night till Sunday afternoon.. I was hosted by Lesley and Ian :-) A very lovely couple indeed.. On Saturday morning, Ian took me for a trip round Newbury.. Its a very lovely town and I was able to go on top of the church tower.. It made me reminise about AC.. Nights spent running round the castle roof top :-p lol.. I miss AC much to be honest.. Anyway.. After the tour of Newbury, I was taken to Stonehendge!! :-) what an amazing place.. To top up the cake with a cherry, they brought me to watch a modern opera (Mozart's: The Marriage of Figaro).. It was amazing to be honest.. It was held at an open area of Newbury Racecourse.. Hmm.. Im going camping next week.. till then :-) enjoy the piccies..

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Movie, Food, Poker and BBQ :-)

my new glasses :-p lol

haha.. poker player wannabe :-p..

lol.. poker.. i won by the way.. with more than £ 30,000,000 (wish it was real money though :-p)

yum yum yum.. tosai with filling and a really nice biryani :-)

nice food.. hmm.. im defo going to go there again :-)

prasadi, mady and van :-) still at lasan :-)

vina and anu at lasan.. :-)

random ennit? eiffel tower at the bullring.. lol

i got new glasses :-) hehe.. an aviator and also john lennon look a like glasses (can be more of a hippe now.. lol) :-) wehehe.. had a really good weekend.. ana and chriss came round yesterday and i was awake till 8am.. watched a movie and had really nice and authentic indian food :-) and had bbq today at my mates.. hehe.. im liking my weekend now :-) though i did miss the event at rainbow :-( maybe next week :-p

Sunday, 2 August 2009

A chilled out weekend

last week was really tiring :-( but enjoyable :-) so i decided to have a quiet weekend :-) ana and chris came round for a night :-) sheeshaing with owen on sat and chillin with kelly, mike and a couple other of her friends :-p and today ive been a lazy bum lol.. i slept for the whole day :-) weheee.. need to plan something for next weekend though.. time to get out of brum again.. i cant wait for my trip to Newbury :-)